How To Challenge Your Mindstate – Overcome Fear & Be Optimistic

It’s time to let go of the fear and the unknown. Let those ideas become action. It is on you to make sure these ideas become more than ideas. You have to work to materialize them. Every second spent waiting is a second not spent working toward your goal. I love the saying “The only way to be in business is to be in business”. Simply put you can plan and plan for every situation, variable, and instance, even with all that there will always be unforeseen challenges, and obstacles to overcome. All this becomes much easier when you are motivated by your passions, dare I say your calling. This may not show itself in several weeks, months, or years. However, the time to get started is NOW.

***Remember, don’t worry about not exceeding expectations, or failing to achieve your goal, as the worst thing that can happen is that you will learn. That knowledge will better equip you for future success***

Be in Action

Accomplishments do not just happen, they do not wait for the right moment. The moniker “do nothing and things will work out”, only works for Charlie Shee lol. However, for the rest of us, we have to make things happen. We often wait for the “perfect time” we put off our happiness and opportunities until we were financially stable, emotionally stable, or physically secure. The thing is, planning is great and necessary, however, action has to be better. Provide your gift to the world, don’t wait for an imaginary future that will never come. Make a fundamental adjustment in your consciousness and devotion.

Think of your Purpose

Our shared experience of being alive is a quest to discover and develop our unique selves so that we may share our unique nature with the world. When you find out what you were here on Earth to do, you may start living a life that combines both fulfillment and meaningfulness. Your mission should be your priority, and until you do, you will feel like something is lacking, a void you cannot fill, because you are not experiencing complete fulfillment and stability in your life.

 “When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no breeze is the appropriate wind,” Seneca stated.

Out of Comfort Zone

Nothing Great Was Ever Accomplished in Your Comfort Zone.

Living at one’s edge, or outside of one’s comfort zone, allows for the development of creative thought and genuine genesis, both of which are necessary for realizing one’s ultimate purpose. 

When you’re ready to discover your actual and most profound purpose in life and undergo a transformation from the inside out, you’ll have to push through some initial suffering. However, remember that it takes more than bravery and effort to make you beyond your comfort zone. You approach it with a sense of direction and intent.

As you peel back the layers, you’ll find that your greatest passion and purpose are gradually revealed. You can resolve many personal and interpersonal issues by examining your motivations and adjusting your course.

“The first step in being a fully conscious human being is becoming aware of your life’s mission. Knowing why you’re here gives you something to work toward and live for”. The End – Simon Foster


Then, you’ll realize that your concentration follows suit. If you can narrow your attention to the essential things, you’ll have an easier time overcoming any obstacles and barriers you may face on your journey toward your goal. As you, the sailor, put forth conscious effort in all that you think, do, and are, you will realize that it is the innate devotion to revert around waves. Your dedication is pouring in, and you’re on the edge of your seat, ready to do any action, whatever it takes to make your dreams into a reality by embracing a life guided by strong moral principles, your honesty and sincerity blossom. Every new layer you’ve peeled back has been carefully aligned with your efforts and expectations.


Because of this, others around you respect your dedication and value what you bring to the table when you serve others; you’re living your best life and making a difference. You have a genuine passion for everything you study and practice and always inspire others to feel the same way. Everything you are doing daily—everything you are learning, giving to others, and providing in the face of adversity—has been bathed in the holy chalice of your destiny. It makes you feel complete; it’s the reason your life has meaning.


We are all merely flesh and blood unless you are an X-men, mutant, or superhero. Therefore, yes, we as people suffer from doubt, uncertainty, and negative feelings, like disappointment, anger, judgment, frustration, alienation, and realignment. We can not change this, they are a neutral part of life; however, we also do not have to dwell on them either. We can understand and respect the negatives while demanding ourselves to focus on the positives. It’s on us to realize things will get better, and more importantly, challenge our personal thinking to realize how to handle these thoughts, feelings, and emotions is a choice to see the best in situations and the hope of a better tomorrow. That is how you develop an optimistic mind state.

Self Control

The whole gamut of emotional challenges is necessary training for fully realizing your higher calling. To this end, maintain self-control as you pursue your goals. Living your life to complete joy means doing your best to accomplish every goal and fulfilling every objective you’ve set for yourself. After each tier, you’ll feel like giving up because there’s nothing else to do. Moving on to the next layer is safe when you reach this point, knowing that the previous one has been thoroughly explored.

Bad Decisions

Don’t take this as confirmation that you’ve made the ‘wrong’ decision. You can call this progress. Incredible feelings teach you valuable lessons, help you learn more about who you are, and show you how much stronger you can become due to adversity.

Listen to your heart

Identify and align with the motivation behind discovering your heart’s most profound need. It reveals your true calling in life, and how you consciously choose to live. It can keep you from wandering while realizing that every choice you make, from the food you eat to the job you do, must serve that overarching goal of making your deeper purpose known to the world and guiding the people you come into contact with.


You can know what to do with your life and enter the unknown, waiting for a vision or a new kind of purpose to emerge, but only if you begin right now and keep going, no matter what barriers and hardships you meet. Once you get this insight, you will know what you wish to put your life energy into.

You are most fulfilled when working toward your goals. It’s the point where aptitude and interest converge on depth and significance. As a result, you gain and adopt a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in your work and life.

Stay disciplined, and don’t become a mindless machine going through the motions, losing sight of the bigger picture as you focus on the details of your everyday life.

Identity and attack your obstacles and hardships. As this is your opportunity to let your boundless potential guide you to new heights.