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Meet Nick Kelly

Nicholas is an enthusiastic and experienced speaker, who brings a refreshing and unique approach to his topics and audience. He offers a unique perspective as both a clinician and person living with chronic disease.

Radio Guest, LA Talk Radio, Mother Love, Passion, Art, Relationships, CF Fighter

My Process To Your Success

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Gathering information is a vital part in the process. When entering  a situation being prepared provides you with the best chance for a successful outcome.

Goal Setting Process

Goal Setting

Goals act as a road map and compass for success. They offer a clear destination, while helping us stay focused providing the necessary direction to ensure optimal outcomes. 

Execution Prcoess


The plan is only as good as the execution. Success is not an item to be achieved, it is merely a by-product of the hard-work put fourth.  The prior steps are designed to equip you with all the tools needed for effective and efficient execution. 

~ Unlock Your Potential

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Are you ready to be motivated and inspired, to overcome obstacles,  improve communication, increase productive, and enhance personal and professional relationships.

Nutrition Services

Tired of setting goals and not reaching them; tired of feeling powerless in your own health, ready to make a change for the better. Let today be the day you start creating, achieving, and managing those health and fitness goals.

Personal Development

Want better pay, increased respect, a level playing field, an improved network, or that dream job? Then the first thing to know is business etiquette, and success are not innate or inherent, they are skills that must be taught, learned, and refined


Stories of Success

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Cystic Fibrosis

The Birds & The Bees

Let’s talk about sex and babies… Let’s talk about you and me, and all the things CF can be.. Let’s talk about it…

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The Call, Transplat, New Lungs
Cystic Fibrosis

“The Call”- Lung Transplant

One of the biggest decisions a CFer hopes they never have to make is whether getting a lung transplant is the right decision for them. The decisions comes with huge risk & a philosophical question that each person has to make.

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