Motivational Speaker



Nicholas Kelly’s approach to life is filled with compassion, artistry, knowledge, and a deep-rooted desire to do good in the world.

Diagnosed at three-months-old with cystic fibrosis by his mother, he never let his condition prevent him from pursuing a “normal” life. He worked hard, overcame
obstacles to thrive in all that he did, including earning a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Bowling Green State University, after which he became a dietitian.

In addition to his academic success, he is a poet,
educator, dancer, and decorated speaker. He draws from his personal experiences to inspire others to live to their full potential, use their strengths, remain positive, and advocate for themselves and others.

He is an advocate for the CF community gaining
recognition for his efforts in the media, national and
local organizations, and patient-centric speeches.



experience provides an avenue for adventure, memories, and great stories.

Some of Nick’s good…

Dietitian | Decorated Speaker | Author

Professional Dancer | Poet | Artist

Stand Out, Athlete | BGSU Falcon

2x Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Award Recipient


The good times are magical because of the lows we overcome

So here are some of Nick’s bad…

Open heart surgery at 5yrs old | Emergency surgery at 28yrs old

4 Code Whites | 1 Code Blue | 56 Pills a Day

Lost his 1st CFer when he was 16, Since then, too many to count

Hospital stays accumulated = 6 years of his life admitted


Many people have heard the phrase “Jack of All Trades, Master of None.” Now many people use a shortened version of the phase as a compliant. For example, he is a “Jack of all Trades” to show praise toward a person with multiple interests and/or abilities. However, as Nick understands the sentiment of this statement he does not view it as a compliment but rather an indictment on the hard work put wroth to excel. For this reason, whenever a person professes him to be a “Jack of All Trades” he responds by saying “No, I’m merely a person lucky enough to find multiple passions, and patient enough to perfect them.”

Life is about the expectations you place on yourself, the narrative you create, and the belief, it is such.