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Suzie is ready to learn about Albuterol, Hypertonic Solution, Dornase, and Antibiotics

Suzie’s new adventure is about to start – and you’re invited!

After the amazing trip through the jungle, Miss Messy Suzie McGoo is ready to invite you and the cuff cough crew to her secret magical tea party! This time, the awesome Mama McGoo is helping her, and so are the four wise animals. Suzie would love it if you could join her for a tea party full of surprises, while you discover the great secret of AHDA together!

Are you ready to be part of Suzie’s Cuff Cough Crew?

Meet Miss Messy Suzie McGoo, a delightful little girl who lives for adventure. Follow her as she embarks on her latest adventure – a trip through the jungle – where she and you will meet beautiful animals, see fantastic sights, and learn a thing or two about her and just how extraordinary and brave she is.

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