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How to be Positive About Life?
Positivity comes from within. Your mentality is the key. You can make the choice to be positive or to allow yourself to dwell on the negative.

Everyone is curious as to why they are alive. Everyone desires to have a happy life free from stress and worry. It’s interesting how few people consider the transience of life, i.e., that you could be here today and gone tomorrow when chasing happiness.

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Making Yourself Better for You, while the Outside World Marvels.
It’s common to believe that you should make yourself better for the outside world. However, the key is to make yourself better for you. This allows you to display the best version of yourself to the outside world. As you work on bettering yourself, avoid being overly critical and harsh on yourself. This generally will not help you become better, in actuality, it can do the opposite
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Random Tales: #ClubRainbow (aka The Hospital)
I started calling the hospital #ClubRainbow because we use to kick it in there. So many fun memories, which I realize might sound weird, but between the camaraderie, the staff, it was a long, extended, all-be-it, unwanted vacation. We made the best of it, as at the end of the day we were a family. I decided I wanted to keep this post light & share some of the moments that made Club Rainbow what it was while giving that authentic “Only Nick” feel.
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The Call: Lung Transplant
“The Call” in the CF world that’s what we refer to as that moment when a person who has been awaiting a transplant officially has lungs ready for them. I know many people who have gotten “the call” & it’s such a rush of emotions. It’s a situation where you never forget what you were doing when it happens
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