Random Tales: #ClubRainbow (aka The Hospital)

I started calling the hospital #ClubRainbow because we use to kick it in there. So many fun memories, which I realize might sound weird, but between the camaraderie, the staff, it was a long, extended, all be it, unwanted vacation. We made the best of it, as at the end of the day we were a family.

I decided I wanted to keep this post light & share some of the moments that made Club Rainbow what it was while giving that authentic “Only Nick” feel.

Hospital Memories 1. During an admission, I was in the hallway talking to another patient, when I turned abruptly (to make a dramatic exit) and BOOM face painted into a door & fell. Know the details are a little fuzzy, but I do remember eventually getting up & informing everyone (no one was around me) I was okay (I was not). I proceeded to go to the nurse’s desk to inform them “They (no idea who they were) were coming for me & had to go”. From there I went to my room & hide under the skin knees to my chest rocking back and forth, whispering can’t get me to hear I’m invisible. The obvious, I had a concussion, the special is someone from my team noticed I was off before the “they are coming” comment & figured my sugar needed to be checked. It was 31. After glucose was administered & the staff fought off (yes they were swinging at air) the invisible people coming for me, reached out a hand and said we got you, you are safe here. I’m not sure if I ever believed someone so much in my life.2. One day I was sitting in the hallway having a casual conversation, rolling back in forth in my chair. As we are talking I stop & screamed out. Everyone looks at me with worry trying to figure out what happens. I had gotten my big toe wedged in the wheel of this office chair. We tried to pull it, remove it, nothing worked. I was stuck. As I sat there (for like 20 minutes) in pain with the slightest movement, an idea came. My nurse suggested that we lube my big toe and use scissors to shave down the plastic. A special bond is created when someone has to lube your toe as you massage it to get removed from a chair.

Just know “Only Nick”… smh.

Nick & Frankie Club Rainbow